Emergency WASH Knowledge Portal

The Emergency WASH Knowledge Portal is a comprehensive capacity development and decision support tool consisting of three distinct online platforms for the three WASH pillars: water supply, sanitation and hygiene. It systematically disaggregates water supply and sanitation technologies, as well as hygiene components, tools and approaches into their functional components, clarifies terminology and provides guidance on identifying the most appropriate WASH solutions in a given context for all relevant response phases of an emergency. The individual sub-platforms can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding section above.

The Emergency WASH Knowledge Portal is based on the corresponding Emergency WASH Compendium publications. The online platforms for emergency water supply and sanitation are already available while the hygiene promotion platform is still under development and will follow in early 2022.

The Emergency WASH knowledge portal is a collaborative effort of Global WASH Cluster partners, the German WASH Network, Eawag, FHNW and SuSanA with contributions from a wide range of international sector experts and organisations, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It will be constantly updated and users are encouraged to provide direct feedback in order to ensure the quality and to further improve the platform.